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Welcome to the Future of Risk & Compliance Management

Sustain Consulting will assist you to transform the way you approach and manage risk by providing integrated risk assurance, systems development, training and consulting services in Sustainable Development (SD), Health, Safety, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental & Quality (HSSEQ) management across all major sectors.

Improved Risk Control Effectiveness

By creating Integrated Assurance Protocols based on a range of international standards (standard solution or client specified standard selection and customisation), cross functional risk management systems effectiveness is improved and the audit burden on operations is reduced. Certification audits conducted by our partners, SGS Group, can also be incorporated – thereby offering you a complete one stop solution

Offline Capabilities, Reporting & Action Management

Our solution provides a quantitative method to compare compliance to the selected international standards, as well as risk control effectiveness – to your firm or operation’s unique business risk materiality. Our business intelligence tool enables you to conduct comparative analysis of your risk exposure between operations, uncover the root causes of risk exposures, and tracks risk migration over time

Risk Prioritisation

Audit offline and later sync up findings & evidence photographs when you have internet availability to consolidate findings from multiple auditors. Generate Audit Reports in Seconds. Manage and track the close-out of actions raised during an audit (internal or external) from within the application

True integration of a myriad of SD-HSSEQ standards

Internal and external assurance on the same platform

The basis of the Sustain Integrated Assurance Protocol (IAP), is made of a combination of the following standards:

We follow a standardised approach and structure across all SD-HSSEQ risk areas in your organisation


  • In accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 Annexure SL
  • Subdivided into aspects


  • Aspects in accordance with requirements of the selected sets of standards

Question Set

  • All standard’s requirements formulated into a set of integrated questions for auditing purposes

SustainIAP Functionality

Manage your internal and external assurance programme with ease, in a secure, permission based environment
Set up users, user permissions, audits and more in the on-line back-office
Mobile, off-line auditing, easy reporting and powerful business intelligent analytics
Effortlessly manage corrective actions and remain on top of progress

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