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Integrated Assurance

The Sustain SD-HSSEQ assurance programme was designed as an integrated approach to:

  • Assess the level of compliance of operational risk management systems against International Best Practice Standards and forms the basis of an integrated SD-HSSEQ Management System
  • Confirm the comprehensiveness of existing SD-HSSEQ risk identification processes
  • Assess the adequacy of risk control measures to manage risk exposures
  • Evaluate the effectiveness against the materiality of the business risk exposure
  • Transforming your business from risk deficit to risk resilient

We provide our clients with specialists in their field to ensure the highest quality of assurance possible. We will give you the brutal truth about how risk is managed in your organisation – the only way you will be able to truly improve.

Due Diligence

We have extensive experience in conducting transactional due diligences across the world, to a cumulative value of several billions of dollars, both as part of the lender and client teams.

We can effectively assist you in:

  • Evaluating your compliance against a set of standards (such as the International Finance Corporation (IFC) / World Bank Group standards, or against your corporate standards)
  • Develop practicable corrective action plans
  • Conducting projective evaluations based on an agreed upon improvement plan
  • Watch the video presentation below

Systems Development

  • Using the IAP as the control basis, Sustain furthermore focus on assisting clients in the development of Integrated SD-HSSEQ management systems, which are practical to implement
  • These systems are developed either afresh, or takes existing management systems into consideration. Our focus is to align the management system to ISO Annexure SL and incorporate the relevant international best practice standards into the management system as it applies to the client’s operations
  • The focus is on creating integrated business processes, instead of a silo’d management systems. The aim is to create a risk control process which works for the client, instead of the client having to work to meet its management system requirements.  We believe that this enhances risk control, whilst employees can focus on their core business responsibilities
  • We typically partner with clients over a period of ~ 5 years to develop and implement these systems, to ensure a sustainable outcome
  • We continue to track your performance using the assurance tool, to provide continual feedback on your risk migration progress to enable informed decision making and prioritization
  • Implementing the Sustain Integrated Management System, ensure that a high level of conformance with selected international best practice standards are achieved. This inherently prepare companies for events such as capital raisings, listings and other types of transactions where compliance to these standards may influence the outcome of the transaction

Specialist Consulting

Sustain provides a wide array of advisory services across all SD-HSSEQ business aspects with a particular focus on:

  • Environmental / community consulting services
  • Strategic advisory services to executive management
  • Project management of large, complex SD-HSSEQ projects

Sustainable Development Reporting

Sustain’s Founder, views having had an SD report compiled by her (Gem Diamonds SD Report, 2011), having been nominated as one of the top 5 on the London Stock Exchange, as a major achievement and privilege.

Our approach is to start with what you have: 

  • Conduct rapid assessment of what information is available against the GRI requirements using the GRI (and or other standards) requirements using the SustainIAP
  • Conduct materiality analysis in respect of legal, financial and reputational risk to the business
  • Develop statistical information sheets / software to gather information required for the Sustainable Development (or integrated) report
  • Develop strategic path for improved reporting against the indicators
  • And evolve over time

Software Solutions

Sustain is passionate about improved effectiveness – especially in the SD-HSSE risk management space.

With our incredible partners, UnitX, we can assist you in the development electronic systems to improve your risk management effectiveness. 

Our combined skills sets of operational risk control understanding, and fast, effective and efficient programming, may just be the alternative of expensive off the shelve software, that you have been looking for.  Let us create a customised, practical solution that fits your organisational culture.

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