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Founded in 2015, Sustain Consulting (Pty) Ltd, is an owner managed company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We consult globally, currently with clients and projects in 17 countries


Sustain provides integrated risk consulting services, including Sustainable Development (SD), occupational Health & Safety, corporate Social responsibility, Environmental and Quality (SD-HSSEQ), to all major sectors

The company’s approach to providing consulting services is rooted in establishing long term client relationships, offering capacity and specialist skills to address client specific SD-HSSEQ needs – and bringing an integrated and optimized approach to these fields


Sustain focusses on assisting clients in being increasingly risk resilient.  Through applying suitable world-class standards in a practical and integrated manner our clients achieve the following benefits:

  • The SustainIAP aims (as far as is practicable) to remove duplication through combining the same requirements from various standards and various disciplines
  • The programme reduces the burden of various annual audits on operations
  • The programme provides a quantitative method to compare performance scores to the business risk materiality of the SD-HSSEQ aspects, as well as risk migration over time
  • Integrated management systems reduces the administrative burden of managing numerous management systems, facilitates the breaking down of silo’s amongst management systems, thereby improving management effectiveness

Our Clients

Our clients range from small to large companies across a spread of sectors

Our clients are typically organisations that are on a journey to improve their risk control effectiveness through effective innovation

Our clients are organisations that are ready to commit to a process of continual improvement, and are ready to think out the box

They truly care, like us, to make the world a better place for their employees, communities and the environment, thereby making shareholders proud to be associated with them

We partner only with a handful of clients at a time, to ensure adequate time to fully understand their unique business risks, and how to assist in solving these

Our Global Footprint

Our clients and our projects are located in the following countries





South Africa

United Kingdom









Sierra Leone



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